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January 27, 2023
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April 26, 2023

Mackays Scottish Apricot Preserve, 340 gm



“Mackay Scottish Apricot Preserve is carefully crafted by hand-picking high-quality apricots and ripening under the sun. Every dollop of this pure, fruity product is a flavourful pleasure. Prepared with traditional Scottish technique, this Apricot Preserve is the finest example of time-tested recipes that maintain the natural sweetness of the fruit. The tender pieces of apricot and its luxurious texture not only look tempting, but also melt in the mouth instantly.
Every single jar of this Apricot Preserve is packed following a stringent hygienic process and keeping the integrity of the fruit intact. It can be spread on toast, pancakes, buns, and toasted bread.
The highlights of this Apricot Preservice are:
●No artificial colour or flavour
●Vegetarian and vegan-friendly product
●Gluten-free and kosher certified
The quality and tradition of Mackays are well-known. They have more than a century of experience perfecting the technique of preparing preserves. So, enjoy the natural sweetness of apricots and feel the warmth and taste of Scotland’s skillful craft of preserving.