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January 27, 2023
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January 27, 2023

Mizkan Aji Ponzu, 1.8 ltr



“Mizkan Aji Ponzu is a kind of ponzu sauce that is a Japanese citrus-based sauce. It gives tangy and fiery flavors of citrus fruits with the taste of soy sauce, making a decent and reviving topping. It is best sauce to enhance taste of various Asian cuisines.
It is prepared blending different ingredients, which can include:
Citrus Juice: Commonly, ponzu is made with the juice of citrus fruits like yuzu, sudachi, or lemon. These organic products give a tart and citrusy base to the sauce.
●Soy Sauce: Soy sauce adds a rich umami flavor and profundity to the sauce.
●Vinegar: Rice vinegar or different kinds of vinegar contribute acidity and balance.
●Sugar: A limited quantity of sugar is frequently added to reduce the sharpness of the citrus and vinegar.
●Kombu (Ocean growth): A few varieties of ponzu could incorporate kombu, which adds extra umami and depth to the sauce.
●Bonito Pieces (optional): In specific recipes, bonito chips (dried fish drops) may be utilized to mix an unpretentious off-putting note.
Mizkan Aji Ponzu is utilized in different Japanese, Chinese, and Thai dishes, upgrading their flavors and giving a brilliant and tart kick.