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Ukemochi Pon-Zu Vinegar, 1.8 Lit
July 14, 2023
Ukemochi Cooking Sake, 1.8 Lit
July 14, 2023

Ukemochi Hon Mirin, 1.8 Lit



“Ukemochi Hon Mirin is a high-quality sweet rice wine made from the finest ingredients using traditional Japanese methods. Prepared with care, Ukemochi Hon Mirin enhances any culinary creations and adds flavour without any effort.

Ukemochi Hon Mirin is made from glutinous rice, koji mold, and shochu (rice-based distilled spirits). These three ingredients are carefully selected and made to go through a meticulous fermentation process that gives unparalleled quality to the mirin.

The selection of the finest glutinous rice delivers sweet and umami flavour to the mirin. The sweetness of mirin is due to the steaming of rice and processing with koji mold for converting the rice starch into sugar. Shochu is added to the rice and the koji mixture for slow fermenting and giving the mirin a unique flavour. The mirin is then aged to perfection.

Ukemochi Hon Mirin is a versatile sweet rice wine that adds sweet and umami flavour to a wide variety of dishes. It can be incorporated into daily culinary creations as marinades for grilled or broiled meats, tofu, and seafood, giving veg and non-veg dishes a glazing effect, splashing it on teriyaki sauce, salad dressings, and stir-fry sauces, as a dipping sauce, and with sushi rice.

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