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Hisashi Natural Wheat Starch, 500g
June 30, 2023
Sesame Paste Gomaya Atarigoma Black, 300 g
July 13, 2023

Vinegar Mizkan Ponzu, 1.8 ltr



“Mizkan Ponzu Vinegar is prepared from high-quality ingredients. It is an ideal mix of soy sauce, citrus juice, rice vinegar, and sweeteners. The concoction of all these ingredients add sweet, savory, and tangy taste to the vinegar, making it a high priority item in your kitchen.
Mizkan Ponzu Vinegar is prepared meticulously to enhance the flavour of a variety of dishes. From utilizing it as a dipping sauce for sushi, sashimi, and dumplings, it is likewise ideal to sprinkle it over barbecued meats to lift flavor. Marinating your favourite non-veg food with this vinegar adds a delightful flavour.
The selective, high-quality ingredients impart impeccable taste to the vinegar and transform any ordinary dish into a culinary masterpiece. Its immaculate taste, secret ingredients, and unrivalled versatility transforms any meals into a bowl full of flavour.
Order it to experience the exquisite combination of tradition and innovation with Mizkan Ponzu Vinegar. Raise your cooking to a whole new level with the savory delight of Mizkan Ponzu Vinegar.