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Rice Paper Sheets, 400 gm
Rice Paper Sheets, 400 gm
July 17, 2020
Sakura Sushi Vinegar, 1.8 Lit
December 17, 2020

Yokoso Sake, 1.8 Lit


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Sake is an alcoholic liquid made by fermenting rice. Japanese cuisine often use sake for
cooking, because it enhances the flavor of food and removes the unpleasant odour of fish or
meat. This Yokoso sake is used in variety of Japanese dishes. It is commonly referred as Rice
Wine. Rice Wine is both used for cooking and commonly consumed as an alcoholic
beverage. In cooking, it’s usually added directly to dishes or into marinades or sauces to
infusing and extracting the flavour of food. Sake can be used for every type of foods like
vegetables, seafood, fish, meat, rice and noodles. It adds a natural sweet and umami flavour
to soups, sauces and grilled dishes. Chicken Sake skewers, Chicken Sake Stew, Japanese
Teriyaki sauce are some delicious recipes you can prepare using Yokoso Sake.

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