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Oriental Food Products

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Ever wondered why the skin and complexion of Chinese, Korean, and Thai people are so smooth and radiant? The proverb ‘you are what you eat’ holds a great significance in this regard. The distinctive ingredients and unique cooking style of these countries make the difference. That’s why oriental food products are catching the interest of the world.

What is Oriental Food?

Oriental food is a term used for dishes and cuisines that are typical to Southeast Asian countries such as China, Korea, and Thailand to name a few. People of these countries use lots of fermented sauces and pickles in their daily eating. They love spices and natural-dry fruits in their dishes and their cooking techniques involve stir frying, quick frying, or boiling. Vedant.noesis.chat is happy to call itself an oriental supermarket to satisfy your craving for Southeast Asian gourmet food products.

Asian Gourmet Food Products

We have super tasty and ready-to-cook Asian noodles for you. Whether you enjoy slurping or eating these staple foods with your fork, we can supply you a variety of these fast food anywhere in Pune. Not only the noodles that we export and supply to the hotel and hospitality industries in Pune are tasty, but also low calories. So taste and health are guaranteed with our Asian noodles. Whether you love Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Thai noodles, we have all for you. Some of our hot-selling noodles are Tiger-Glass Noodles (Bean Thread), Yokoso Soba Noodles, And Yokoso Udon Noodles. Our wide range of instant noodles is best to grab a quick bite and pacify your hunger pangs.

Oriental Sauces

Vedant.noesis.chat brings you the best oriental sauces of different Asian countries. It you want to make fried veg or non-veg dish tasty, or anything special for a birthday party or wedding anniversary, our range of oriental sauces are a pure gastronomical delight. They can accompany with just anything you want to eat. Try our Chings – Dark Soy Sauce, Chings Green Chilli Sauce, Chings Red Chilli Sauce, Kikoman Soyabean Sauce, or Spichi Barbeque Sauce, and see yourself dance like a child. The sweet and salty soy sauce are made with vinegar, sugar, chilli, and garlic along with five different Chinese spicy powders.

Chinese Grocery Store

No Chinese food is complete without sauces and condiments. To add Chinese taste to your dishes, choose from a wide variety of Chinese Seasonings at Vedant.noesis.chat. If you are looking something delicious for seasoning meat, then dark soy sauce is what you should go for. To enjoy stir-fried vegetables and cook meat with a touch of extra flavor, you can buy oyster sauce. The ingredients used in preparing this sauce are oyster, soy sauce, wheat flour, sugar, and water.

Sesame Oil

To add a nutty flavor and aroma to your dishes, sesame oil is the best item to cook with. Besides cooking, you can also use it as a dressing for your salads or to marinate meat. Sesame oil is not recommended for deep frying because of its low boiling point. However, for stir-frying meat and vegetables, it’s the best option.

Rice Vinegar

For quick frying ad slow cooking meat and vegetables, and dressing salads, rice vinegar is the best condiments to add flavours. Its mild, sweet, and less acidic flavor makes it idle for cooking and to enjoy any cold and hot recipes.