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Healthy Boy Thai Soy Sauces, 700 ml
January 27, 2023
Mock Duck Vegetarian Meat, 280 g
January 27, 2023

MAGGI SOS Chilli Sauce, 3.3 kg



“MAGGI SOS Chili Sauce is a multipurpose Malaysian condiment made with the best ingredients without adding any artificial flavours and preservatives. High quality red chili peppers and a wide variety of spices are used to add the fiery kick to this detectable condiment. Every mouthful of this versatile sauce is filled with flavour and fire. Spicing up your dish with this sauce is a guarantee that every bite of the dish will be a burst of flavour.
Packed in a convenient squeeze bottle, it’s easy to use and every drop is a pure expression of taste. The sauce blends the flavour of chilies, tomatoes, tart garlic, and vinegar flawlessly. Pour it on your dishes for extra punch, use it with spring rolls or add it in marinades to enjoy a tantalizing barbecue experience. It also adds a punch of flavour to seafood.
This sauce is pleasantly hot and is ideal to enjoy any dishes or snacks. Now, make your culinary adventures full of taste with MAGGI SOS Chili Sauce.