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MAGGI SOS Chilli Sauce, 3.3 kg
January 27, 2023
Mizkan Aji Ponzu, 1.8 ltr
January 27, 2023

Mock Duck Vegetarian Meat, 280 g



“For those who cannot stand the smell and taste of non-veg foods, Mock Duck vegetarian meat is like a breath of fresh air to them. Now, they can enjoy vegetarian substitute for non-vegetarian food and still enjoy the flavour of meat. It is a plant-based option for veg lovers and is widely used in Asian foods since it known for giving the flavor, and presence of duck meat.
Mock Duck is prepared using seitan, which is made by blending wheat flour in water and giving a shape to the mixture, from which the starch and gluten protein is eliminate by washing the wheat batter in water. It is then kneaded, prepared, and cooked to make a meat-like surface.
A combination of soy sauce along with different flavors and flavorings is used in preparing the seitan to make it taste like meat.
Cooking: The prepared seitan is often braised, steamed, or stewed in a delightful stock. This aids in enhancing its taste and surface while mixing it with extra flavors.
Forming: The cooked seitan is molded and cut to look like duck meat.