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May 27, 2020
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Urbani Oil White Truffle, 250 ml



White truffle oil is made by infusing oil, usually olive oil, with a flavour compound found in
white truffles. All the charm of a distinguished aroma is contained in Urbani white truffle oil.
The aroma of Urbani oil will remain firm and equally intense without losing its scent for a
long time, this main characteristic allows it to stand out from other oils in the market. Urbani
White Truffle Oil contains intense and unique fragrance due to natural use of White Truffle-
Tuber magnatum Pico. This oil shouldn't be used for cooking, since the flavour would be
destroyed by the heat so it should be used sparingly. A drop or two of Urbani oil drizzled on a
dish just before serving is enough to impart its unique flavour. Rice, pizza, pasta, vegetables,
eggs, every kind of meat and fish will get incomparable flavour and aroma just by sprinkling
of Urbani White Truffle Oil. Class up your favourite popcorn just by drizzling this oil on it. It will
add flavour to salads, grilled vegetables, garlic bread and even simple smashed potatoes.

Olive oil, truffle flavor.

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