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January 19, 2021
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Jasmine Gold Thai Rice, 2kg



Jasmine rice is from Thailand and is commonly used in southeast Asian cooking. It is a long-
grain variety of fragrant rice. It has subtle floral aroma and moist and soft in texture when
cooked. This rice cooks up to light, fluffy and slightly sticky. Jasmin rice is an aromatic variety
that make a great alternative to plain long grain white rice. It adds its own character to your
dishes. It can be used to prepare variety of traditional Asian dishes, including curries and
stir-fries. Steamed jasmine rice is ideal for eating with grilled or fried chicken, fish, steak and
vegetarian entrees. jasmine rice prefect choice to make Chinese fried rice, Thai rice
preparations etc. Use Jasmine Gold Thai Rice to infuse a subtle jasmine flavour and aroma
into your dishes. Thai basil chicken and rice, One-pot vegetable rice, Chinese rice soup, Thai
green stair fry rice are some recipes you can make using Jasmin Gold Thai Rice.

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