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Yoka Hon Mirin Cooking Vinegar, 1.8L
June 24, 2021
American Garden Horseradish Sauce, 454 g
June 24, 2021

Yoka Cooking Sake,1.8L



Cooking Sake is often used in Japanese cuisine to remove the unwanted fishy or meaty
odour and increase the flavour of food. It is also used to tenderise meat. Cooking sake
contains salt so it adds some flavour to the meat. Yoka Cooking Sake enhances the flavor
and adds a subtle level of umami to variety of foods. Cooking sake is versatile ingredient and
can be used in marinades, broth, making sauces or to steam the vegetables, resulting
distinct aroma and flavour of the finished dish. Yoka Cooking Sake can be added to make
baked goods. It will make the bread and cake moist and tastier. Cooking Sake also has some
health benefits. Sake contains antioxidants and helpful bacteria that helps in digestion.
Japanese sake Steamed Clams, Salted Chicken Wings, Fish cooked in Sake are some delicious
dishes you can prepare using Yoka Cooking Sake.

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