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May 27, 2020
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May 27, 2020

Freshows Jalapeno Sliced, 720 ml



Freshows Jalapeno slices are ready to eat and perfectly sliced for your convenience. It is
popular topping across the world. It is mostly used in Spanish and Mexican cuisine as a
source of heat. Jalapenos can be used to add a spicy zest to the variety of food. It is
moderately hot and delivers an exquisite taste to any dish. Sliced Jalapeno are great as
toppings for pizza, burgers and other veggies or on their own straight from the jar. Add it to
salads and sandwiches to make them extra delicious. Burgers, nachos and tacos are
incomplete without the sliced Jalapeno. Mexican style cheesy dip can be made using it.
Jalapeno are rich in vitamin C and help to build the immunity. Experience the heat with
perfect flavour of Sliced Jalapeno by Freshows. Cheesy Jalapeno Potato Bake, Corn cheese
Jalapeno Balls, Stuffed cheesy garlic bread are some recipes can be prepared using Sliced
Jalapeno by Freshows.

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