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May 27, 2020
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Yokoso Udon Noodle, 300 gm



Udon noodles are highly popular food in Japan. Udon are a long, thick, round and glossy
white noodle traditional to Japan. It has much milder flavor so often picks up the flavor of
the broth or sauce with which it is accompanied. They are thick and chewy in texture. There
are many ways to eat udon noodles and they are present in many different types of
Japanese dishes. These noodles are extremely versatile. They can be slurped hot or cold.
There are countless variety of broths, sauces, and dishes with which udon can be served. It’s
best to use udon in dishes that contain lots of vegetables like soups, stir-fries, and salads. It
can be served cold with a dipping Sauce. Yaki Udon, Kake Udon, Kitsune Udan, Curry Udon
are some of the most loved Udon noodle dishes can be made with Yokoso Udon Noodles.

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