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Sesame Paste Gomaya Atarigoma Black, 300 g
July 13, 2023
Sesame Paste GomayaAtarigoma White, 300 g
July 13, 2023

Dried Shaved Bonito Tokon Tokuyo, 500 g



“Dried Shaved Bonito Tokon Tokuyo is a top-notch item that is painstakingly created utilizing customary Japanese techniques. Produced using the best bonito fish, this item goes through a meticulous creation cycle to guarantee its uncommon taste and surface.
The preparation of Dried Shaved Bonito Tokon Tokuyo begins with the careful selection of bonito fish to ensure the best flavor. The fish are then painstakingly cleaned and fileted, eliminating any pollutants and guaranteeing a spotless and unadulterated item.
The time-consuming and persistent drying cycle of the bonito fish includes presenting the fish to low temperatures and permitting them to normally dry without losing their fundamental supplements and flavors.
When dried, the bonito fish are meticulously shaved into slight drops to ensure uniformity in size and thickness of each piece. The pieces are then painstakingly bundled to save their newness and quality.
With its rich umami flavour and sensitive surface, this item can improve many dishes. Whether utilized as a fixing for rice, a flavoring for soups, or an enhancement for plates of mixed greens, Dried Shaved Bonito Tokon Tokuyo adds an abundance of extraordinary flavor.