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Dried Shaved Bonito Tokon Tokuyo, 500 g
July 13, 2023
Ukemochi Rice Vinegar, 1.8 Lit
July 13, 2023

Sesame Paste GomayaAtarigoma White, 300 g



“Sesame Paste GomayaAtarigoma White is meticulously processed by roasting it cautiously to maintain its nutty smell and hearty flavor. The seeds are then ground following traditional Japanese techniques to turn them into a smooth, creamy paste. Due care is also taken to maintain the normal goodness of seeds to enhance the flavor of your pan-sears, marinades, dressings, or treats.
The paste not only improves the flavor of your dishes, but also offers various health advantages due to its essential nutrients, calcium, iron, and vitamin E. As such, making this sesame paste a regular in daily cooking can help achieve a nutritious lifestyle. The paste comes in a convenient container making it easy to use and store.