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Bull Dog Tonkatsu Sauce, 500ml


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Bulldog is a very popular brand throughout Japan. Tonkatsu Sauce is a thick sauce served
with tonkatsu, the Japanese pork cutlet. Bull Dog Tonkatsu sauce is crafted by stewing
vegetables and fruits, then mixing in vinegar and sugar, salt, and spices. It is often referred
to as Japanese-style barbecue sauce or katsu sauce. This deliciously tasty Tonkatsu sauce has
thick consistency. It is well suited for all kinds of deep-fried foods and cutlets like chicken,
beef etc without getting them greasy or soggy. It's also the perfect dipping sauce for anything
you'd normally pair with ketchup or barbecue sauce. This is a sauce with sweetness and
viscosity that gets its rich flavor and umami from vegetables and fruits. Bull Dog Tonkatsu
sauce is used in popular Japanese restaurants. The birth of Bull-Dog sauce generated the
tonkatsu boom in Japan and it grew to be a popular food of Japan. One thing indispensable
to tasty tonkatsu is Bull-Dog Sauce!
Ingredients: Water, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, distilled vinegar (made from alcohol),
apple puree, salt, tomato paste, hydrolyzed vegetable protein (contains soy), modified
cornstarch, carrots, spices, prune paste, yeast extract, onions, apricot puree.

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