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May 8, 2021
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May 17, 2021

Voila Black Rice, 500g



Black rice is a range of rice types of the species Oryza sativa, some of which are glutinous
rice. Black rice is also known as 'Forbidden Rice'. Black rice has a deep black colour and
usually turns deep purple when cooked. It has a mild, nutty taste similar to brown rice but
the texture is closer to white, especially in the glutinous varieties.  It is suitable for
creating porridge, dessert, traditional Chinese black rice cake, bread, and noodles. Black rice
is Known globally as a Superfood. It has rich content of anti-oxidants. It is also a rich source
of dietary fibre. It is great for skin and hair due to its Vitamin e content. If you are fighting
obesity, then black rice is the smarter option for you. It gives the feeling of being full and
prevents overeating. Go ahead, enjoy this healthy Black Rice by Voila.

Black Rice Grains

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